TOP 5 Things To-Do on your Day Off with your UGGS

TOP 5 Things To-Do on your Day Off with your UGGS

TOP 5 Things To-Do on your Day Off with your UGGS

Quality sleep is like a mental health superpower, so leave your Bondi UGG sheepskin Slippers next to your bedside. I always feel a lot brighter, more optimistic and energetic after a good sleep.

Sleep helps the body with physical recovery and repair, supports brain development, cardiac function and body metabolism, as well as supporting learning capabilities and improving memory and mood. When you get enough sleep, it's often easier to manage your emotions. This can help you have more patience and help you deal with any stresses in your life. Leave your trusty UGG slippers by your side next to the bed, couch or whatever area you would like to snooze. When you wake up you can further enhance your relaxed mood by sliding into a super soft and cosy natural product, taking your first steps on a cushioned bed of bliss.



Have you ever put your sheepskin shoes on after a pedi – FEELS amazing! Your senses are heightened and your skin is fresh and exfoliated – everything feels even more super soft than usual, you just melt into the cushioned comfort of the natural sheepskin wool.

Unwind, de-stress and make yourself a priority. Have an aromatherapy bath at home or book yourself in for a massage treatment. Go out for a mani or a pedi, just do something that makes you feel good and gives back to you a feeling of well-being and care. Do something nice for you because you deserve it!



Weather it’s a bush walk or a surf at the beach, time in nature realigns the senses and has a natural de-stressing effect on the body and mind. Enjoy all the natural elements as they awaken your inner most feelings of peace and happiness. Some benefits of your nature trip may be seen with an increase in your problem-solving abilities or your creativity just to name a few of the many benefits of spending time outside.

Also, time in nature assists in alleviating hypertension and assists in creating a more balance state of mental well-being. Get your Bondi UGG boots on, and enjoy a nature adventure – be spontaneous, explore try go somewhere completely new.



Nothing happens until you move. Either make time for a trip to your gym or try something new like learning to surf. Perhaps yoga, pilates, a dancing class or even a simple walk. There are great benefits to your mind and body to keep active.

Physical activity stimulates various brain chemicals that may leave you feeling happier, more relaxed and less anxious. Moving assists in lowering blood pressure and improved heart health, helping protect against various chronic diseases and improving brain function, memory and mood. Take your favourite pair of UGGs out and move together.

Move and workout because you love your body not because you hate it!



Love more and Live Longer! Your UGGS are like a big warm hug for your feet, and you know how great that feels. Now do the same for someone you love. Catch up with family and friends and re-charge your batteries on a day off with your nearest and dearest.