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Authentic Shark Tooth Fossil in Natural Rock Bed - 3
Authentic Shark Tooth Fossil in Natural Rock Bed - 3
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Authentic Shark Tooth Fossil in Natural Rock Bed - 3

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Since shark skeletons are composed of cartilage instead of bone, often the only parts of the shark to survive as fossils are teeth. Fossil shark teeth date back hundreds of millions of years. Any fossils, including fossil shark teeth, are preserved in sedimentary rocks after falling from their mouth. The sediment that the teeth were found in is used to help determine the age of the shark tooth due to the fossilisation process. ... The sediment prevents oxygen and bacteria from attacking and decaying the tooth. Shark teeth are often found as fossils because sharks shed thousands of teeth in a lifetime. ... The skeletons of sharks are made of cartilage (which isn't as hard and rigid as bone), so usually only their teeth and fin spines are preserved as fossils. Fossilised shark teeth are different colors, depending on the sediment in which they were buried. The type of tooth that a shark has depends on its diet and feeding habits. These fossils have been dated to the the Eocene which spans the time from the end of the Paleocene Epoch to the beginning of the Oligocene Epoch period approx 43 million years old.

Dimensions: approx: Width 10cm x Height 11cm  WEIGHT:  750g